Why are Friends and Family Always Asking For Free Service?

Daniel Penzing
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My Brother

It’s as if they always know when you need the money. My brother-in-law called up out of the blue and told me that his neighbors roof had a leak, and he needed it taken care of. No problem, I figured. The work would be free thanks to my brother-in-law.

My Friend

I have a friend who is wanting me to completely build him a shed free of charge. I keep telling him that once this is done and he stays with me for two months, then I will.

He comes on a daily basis and flips out because I keep saying no. And he is threatening towards me. I have told him to go to Walmart and buy a pre-made shed because I don’t need the sleazeball jobs.

But he kept coming back. So what do I do? If I tell him I’m not doing it, then he flips out and tells me that I owe him and that it is wrong for me not to give him the shed.

What Would You Do?

It’s happening more and more these days, but some people just don’t learn. No matter what position you are in, people will try to get free service. This can be at work or at home, and it happens to me all the time. Why is it that people always expect you to do their work for free? If you don’t wear a uniform, or if they’re your parents or close friends, it can be worse than if you do.

It’s pretty ridiculous how many times people can ask for free work. Here are some of the reasons why people ask for free service:

  • They’re lazy
  • They can’t afford to pay you
  • They think you need the money
  • They figure you owe it to them (they’ve done so many favors for you)
  • They’re out of options (and think they’re doing you a favor)
  • It’s a benefit to them (and they’re looking out for themselves)
  • They don’t know any better

Now, each of these reasons are pretty generic. Everyone will be different in where they fall on the spectrum between each reason.