When Should You Hire Someone Else to Do Your Taxes?

Daniel Penzing
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Whether you do your own taxes or hire someone to do them for you, you are doing them wrong.

This might sound harsh and made up, but it’s true.

The U.S. tax code is over 73,000 pages long. There are countless tax code changes each year. Even an experienced CPA might not be up to date with everything that is going on. To make matters worse, the IRS is known to audit even the toughest tax returns and most expert auditors have a low success rate.

So if you are getting audited, your tax pro probably does not even have a prayer.

Let’s be honest, you will probably get audited at some point, no matter how honest you are. And we are not saying don’t do your own taxes.

We are just saying that you should not hire a tax pro to find errors and/or mistakes on your tax return. You should hire a tax professional to maximize your tax return.

Hire a tax pro not to find a mistake.

Hire a tax pro to do your taxes right the first time.

Hire a tax pro if your finances are complicated.

Hire a tax pro if you don’t have time to gather all the necessary documents and footnotes.

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