5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

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Show your dad how much you love him with a financial gift.

Give your father the gift of peace.

Keep the neighborhood dad in mind who’s always talking about or trying to build a homemade shed to store all his kid’s toys, sporting goods, and tools. Definitely a gift your father will appreciate!

Gift him the gift of convenience.

Maybe you’re the stay at home dad with a wife who travels a lot and longs for those days when she only drove one child and a bag of groceries from the car to the house. This little engine that could saves you that daily trip with everything you need.

Since this is a gift that keeps on giving, I wouldn’t suggest just putting it in the garage and telling pops to find it. Simply explain to him how he can use it and then step back.

If nothing else, a gift card to his favorite store will never fail to make him smile.

Is it to Home Depot or Lowes? Maybe he loves Target and his birthday is coming up.

Gift him a massage

There’s nothing like popping a relaxing DVD into your home theater and relaxing while some professional at something gets you all loosey-goosey.

Our Ideas:

  • –19th century style online newspaper
  • –A watch
  • –Photo book
  • –A really nice necktie
  • –Engraved flask
  • –Digital photo transfer

High-Yield Dividend Stock

Savings Fund

That new BBQ grill your dad has been hitting the Home Depot for weeks just weeks ago may not be the ultimate Father’s day gift idea; it may win a spot on the list of top Father’s day gift ideas, but when Father’s day comes, it would be more meaningful if you put the gift toward a retirement fund … one that will be used for years to come.

A savings fund will probably be more appreciated by your dad than that fancy new gas grill. Dad already has enough to drive him crazy and, believe it or not, he won’t pass by the barbecue himself once a year. The time he will be spending relaxing on the new grill will be with his father-in-law who’s just moved in next door. So, in case you’re hoping to make Dad’s day by gifting him a brand-new gas grill this Father’s day, just stick to the savings fund you already have in mind.

Make him happy. Even if it’s not in your own native language … trust me, he will still understand it.

Personal Finance Books or News Subscriptions

Give your dad his own library or a newspaper subscription so that he can expand his knowledge. He will gain expertise on a topic that he is most interested in. If he loves to cook, get him a cookbook. If he likes to travel, recommend him a book on world history that describes great monuments, festivals, or interesting cities. Also, another unique idea is to get your dad a book on personal finance and give him the opportunity to take a step ahead of managing his expenses.

Shares in a Mutual Fund

Buying shares in a mutual fund is a great gift for your dad. It will make him realize how important he is in your life. Once the fund is set up he could receive a steady stream of income. It is even better if the fund is in the unit linked savings scheme. The rate of return on this fund is much higher and the returns can be seen every month-you can decide this for him depending on your budget. There are many mutual funds out there for you to choose from.

A Session With a Financial Advisor

If you have a father that loves to manage his finances, this is a great gift idea. A financial advisor will meet with your dad and help him or her plan for retirement. They will work together to determine if your dad needs to cut back on certain expenses in order to save more money.

A financial advisor will help your dad set up investment plans, to help him save more for retirement. They will also show your dad how to use technology to track and manage their finances.

While this gift idea may not be something that you can purchase online, it could be a great help to your dad when it comes time to retire.

Give Dad a Gift He Can Enjoy for Years to Come

Just because your dad loves to sit in the recliner and watch football all day doesn’t mean you can’t give him a great gift for Father’s Day.

Your father has spent the last 50 years being the man you know as dad. He’s done everything for you, and you’ve always been able to rely on him to keep things running like they’re supposed to.

So why not thank him for everything he’s done for you and give him something that he’ll love. You can find all sorts of great gifts for Father’s Day. You can choose everything from a brand new pair of work boots to a whole new man cave.

But, to make it really special, you can also give him something he’ll love and enjoy for years and years to come.

Here are five of the best gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Personalized Golf Balls

One of the best ways to make your dad smile is to give him something that no one else will be able to claim as their own. A personalized golf ball makes for a great gift idea for Father’s Day.