5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

Daniel Penzing
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Show your dad how much you love him with a financial gift.

Give your father the gift of peace.

Keep the neighborhood dad in mind who’s always talking about or trying to build a homemade shed to store all his kid’s toys, sporting goods, and tools. Definitely a gift your father will appreciate!

Gift him the gift of convenience.

Maybe you’re the stay at home dad with a wife who travels a lot and longs for those days when she only drove one child and a bag of groceries from the car to the house. This little engine that could saves you that daily trip with everything you need.

Since this is a gift that keeps on giving, I wouldn’t suggest just putting it in the garage and telling pops to find it. Simply explain to him how he can use it and then step back.

If nothing else, a gift card to his favorite store will never fail to make him smile.

Is it to Home Depot or Lowes? Maybe he loves Target and his birthday is coming up.

Gift him a massage

There’s nothing like popping a relaxing DVD into your home theater and relaxing while some professional at something gets you all loosey-goosey.

Our Ideas:

  • –19th century style online newspaper
  • –A watch
  • –Photo book
  • –A really nice necktie
  • –Eng