Quicken Has Been Sold…What Is Next?

Daniel Penzing
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One of the first things you might think about is how do you get your 2017 register file into your new system?

The most widely known Quicken File formats are QIF and OFX.

But, there are others. If you are unable to get your file into a format that will import into your new system. You can get your file copied and sent to you (you can file and download at the same time).

I currently use Quicken Bill Pay. I have been able to import the QBO file and set up links so that forward-dated bills can be imported into Quicken.

So as far as functionality goes, I have everything I want and need.

In terms of getting my current register file into the new system… there are a few options.

If you currently have Quicken 2017, you can download the current file into your computer as an QIF file. The QIF file that you can download from Quicken will not be a forward-dated register so you will need to export it to your local hard drive and then continue forward with the “Current” file with a date range from January 2017 to present. Then, you can import that QIF file into the new software and continue on. I have used this method in the past and it does not merge the two files.