Personal Capital’s Retirement Planner – Making Forecasting Easy

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Personal Capital's Retirement Planner Features

Because Personal Capital plans to remain independent for the foreseeable future, your data is not shared with anyone else.

Personal Capital is an independent software company that has a partnership with the largest investment management firms in the world. This allows Personal Capital’s users access to trillions of dollars in professional investment advice.

Personal Capital’s goal is to help its investors become financially independent. The company accomplishes this by helping its users to save and invest more effectively.

Personal Capital’s founders and CEO, Bill Harris, established Microsoft Ventures, the Microsoft division that has invested in dozens of companies including Facebook, Zillow, and Nest. He was also the founder and CEO of Intuit, the company behind the financial applications TurboTax and Quicken.

Personal Capital’s retirement planner is one of the best and most accurate free retirement calculators that we’ve seen.

Although Personal Capital’s retirement planner isn’t completely free, it’s still quite affordable and quick and easy to use. Users can get an estimate of their retirement finance in approximately 10 minutes.

Why Choose Personal Capital Over the Others?

While there are several other retirement planning programs online, none combine the power of planning tools with investment advice and guidance as well as Personal Capital does.

On top of the retirement planning tools, Personal Capital is built around one of the largest retirement investment firms on the globe, so they can easily help you manage your investment portfolio.

Personal Capital is not your average investment advisory service though. Most financial planners tend to only focus on your retirement.

Personal Capital also has various other tools and information geared toward helping you reach your savings goals.

Final Thoughts on Personal Capital Retirement Planner

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