The Mint Manual Book Review – How to Use

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What is The Mint Manual?

How The Mint Manual Works

The Print Books

Mint Print Books are just like the rest of the books on the market, what makes them different is that they are free with a smile! There are so many great reasons to buy and own these books.

Mint Print Books are available in Hardcover or Paperback and are generally 100 pages or so in length depending on the content, Mint Print Books are great for reference.

What Does it Cost?

One thing that you might worry about when you’re signing up for Mint is the monthly or annual fee that you’ll have to pay to use it. Rest assured. There are no hidden costs or fees that you will need to worry about.

The way Mint works is that it’s a free software/service that you can use. You can connect your accounts and monitor them for free …You’ll just need to wait for your first statement to come out of your bank account. You can then pay to receive your statement online via Mint. Otherwise, you can just pay for your statements the same way that you pay them now.

Mint does not charge you anything to sign up. There are no hidden fees. And if you do decide to sign up for Mint, then you can sign up with the email address that’s associated with your bank account. It is absolutely free.

Favorite Tips and Tricks

A Few Things I Liked and Didn't Like

I like the outline format. It is extremely easy to follow and very easy to remember the material. They also use a lot of examples that illustrate points. I like that this book doesn't just tell you what to do, but why you should be doing it.

Since this is a book about budgeting and theory, I didn’t really expect a lot of technical information on using the software. What I was looking for was some of the core concepts that would enable me to not necessarily use the software, but at least give me the basic understanding of why I would use different features of the software. This is not in the book. You will find some information about the different reports. However, these features are only a small part of what the software can do.


The Mint Manual’s purpose is to fit a high level explanation of the most important features of Mint. The book is written in a very professional manner and a lot of it is very well done.

Mint has been around for a few years and has a very passionate user base. And indeed, you see a lot of the same tips that you see on their support forum repeated throughout. That is mostly a good thing because they tend to work and are a big reason for the success of the service. However, it does lead to some confusion when new people get started. There are many good tips that you will find in this book that will be new for new users and possibly even experienced users as well.

The book does a good job presenting prices in a language that is easy to understand, but make no mistake, this is a book about a financial management program, not a business book or a book with a financial lesson in it. You will not find any information on how to establish budgets, how to invest, and so on.

The book is published through Kindle and from that perspective, it works very well. It is organized in a way that makes it easy to consume over a day or two. The book has 40 chapters and is between 20 and 30 pages long.