vs. PocketSmith

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PocketSmith has a lot of features and it also has dedicated apps for your smartphone and tablet. PocketSmith has a budget tab that shows you all your income and outgoings and categorizes your spending in a detailed way.

Mobile access

Mint is very exclusive and comes with mobile apps for your phone and tablet. It further enhances your Android and iOS device into an extra functional financial app supporting all of your money related activities. Mint also has a very detailed budgeting feature.

Both the services are free and easy to install

Both the services are free and easy to install and operate. Both of these services have a web-based version and mobile apps. Avoiding the financial stress of financial management is important. Mint and PocketSmith will help in the matter. Both the apps are available in the Google Play Store and App Store and are free to install and use.

Emergency funds and other customizable features

PocketSmith comes with some of the most important features such as setting your emergency fund, customizing account preferences and both these apps are extremely useful for users all over.

Sorting out priorities-

Mint makes it easier for you with a Real Time Portfolio and makes it much easier for you to sort out your priorities. Mint has great charts which will help in keeping a close observation of your accounts.