Mint Alternatives We Recommend for 2022

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Our Alternatives to Mint

Mint has a very strong, distinctive flavor that not everyone enjoys. This flavor lingers in your mouth for a long time, and if you’ve eaten a lot of it, it can feel almost like a mild burn in your mouth. Not a pleasant sensation!

But if you love the flavor of mint, there are a handful of herbs and other foods that you can pair it with to lessen the sensation or to help cover up the flavor of mint.

If you’re not a fan of spearmint, peppermint, or peppermint extract, some of these may help you enjoy the flavor of mint in your food and drinks.

The following list includes a few other strong flavors you can pair with mint. These flavors will help mask the strong minty flavor, making your foods and drinks taste less intense.


Peppermint is a mint flavoring with an intense cooling sensation that helps mask the flavor of mint. If you’re using mint leaf in your recipes, adding peppermint will help level out the flavor.


Rosemary is a herb with a balanced flavor. It’s a cousin to mint, so it can help cover up the flavor of mint if you add it to your recipes. Rosemary compliments basil and thyme, both flavors that work well with mint.

What's Wrong with Mint?

If mint is the cause of your headaches, it may be worth substituting it for one of these alternatives. Spearmint and peppermint are the mint varieties most commonly used for culinary purposes. Although they are equally effective at inducing a feeling of coolness in the mouth, peppermint is actually considered the healthiest of the two – even though the distinction is typically moot since they are used in such similar amounts.

But all varieties of mint, in excess or not, are thought to cause headaches in some people. When researchers tested the effects of mint on a small test group, they discovered that peppermint oil as strongly associated with causing headaches as cigarette smoke was. If you’ve always had trouble with headaches when you’ve consumed mint-flavored food items, consider switching to one of these alternatives.

#1 Personal Capital


One of the biggest challenges with managing your money is just deciding how to start. If you haven’t started budgeting yet, we highly recommend that you give YNAB a spin. You’ll get a full, four-week trial to see how it works. The app syncs up with your bank account and offers an easy-to-use interface. You can also track your spending on your computer or phone.

#3 CountAbout

#4 PocketSmith

PocketSmith is a good option for folks who want to keep their money in a “safe space.” Instead of paying a bank or broker to manage your financial life, you do it yourself with PocketSmith. The PocketSmith app inserts strongly into technology users’ daily lives.

PocketSmith’s interface is attractive and well laid out. It’s incredibly easy to use. To buy stock or trade items with one of the seven investment companies that currently have PocketSmith integrations, users need to link a brokerage account. You can also display the total value of your brokerage and bank accounts using the app. This is handy. PocketSmith provides a way to track your entire portfolio at a glance.

The app has an appealing “fake it til you make it” feel about it. And for this reason, it’s sure to appeal to “quants.” Folks who want to simulate the life of a portfolio manager before they move into the role.

PocketSmith is a good investment tracking app. But it’s not elegant enough to sustain a community. The company has a fairly airless blog. And there’s not much active conversation on the PocketSmith Reddit page.

#5 Tiller Money

Tiller's Global Money Laundering Index is out. Be warned! Five of the countries listed are paradise havens for the filthy rich who want to launder their money. 21 countries have been included in the index so far, with South Korea, Mexico and Russia making up the top 3.

Here's the TOP 5 in descending order:

  • Tunisia
  • Vanuatu
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • St Kitts and Nevis
  • Dominica

This list is effectively paradise for wealthy money launderrings who are looking for havens to sink money and hide their identities.

Don't be alarmed though, because there have been efforts to protect the rich from having to pay taxes by the developed countries when they seek financial refuge in these havens.

Here are the top five havens:

  • Sweden
  • Luxembourg
  • Panama
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland

Sweden, Luxembourg, the UK and Switzerland have made a move to protect the rich from being taxed heavily from their own governments.

#6 Quicken

There are 198 companies that list their products in the Quicken Software section. Here you can compare Quicken Software providers before you buy. We cater to the largest segment of Quicken Software users, which includes Small Business Midsize Business and Enterprise users.

We have analyzed the most popular Choices from the Quicken Software Giants. These Choices include Intuit Quicken Premier & Quicken Home and Business, H&R Block At Home & Business, CCH Next Generation, GOBankingRates TaxAct, LessAccounting, Banktivity by Cleverbridge and Xero by Xero.

Each Quicken Software provider has its own pros & cons. Choosing the right Quicken Software is a one time decision. Gone are the days when people would stick with Microsoft Outlook. We cannot compare every Quicken Software provider on this page. This article is not a review of our Choices of Quicken Software.

Instead, it will help you to take a decision – Which Choices are better for me?

This will help you to choose the best matching Quicken Software provider from the Quicken Software Giants.

So here, we are testing the features of various Quicken Software providers. You should find which provider is good for you based on the comparison graph.

#7 Banktivity

Banktivity by Infinite Banking Solutions has made the list of top apps for years running. This makes it a top target for apps like Banktivity alternatives.

Banktivity is a top app according to our text-mining algorithm.

We know users want secure cloud storage for their files and personal finance also has their most personal data. These are the top apps for both, according to users.

Banktivity Alternatives We Recommend for 2019

{1}. Quicken by Intuit
{2}. Microsoft Money
{3}. Personal Capital
{4}. Mvelopes
{5}. Money Dashboard
{6}. Mvelopes Alternatives We Recommend
{7}. Wally

#8 Moneydance

Moneydance is believed to be the best alternative to Mint. It features everything you need to manage finances and bill payments. Just like Mint, Moneydance gathers your financial accounts, credit cards, credit scores, and bills into one simple software. It allows you to set budgets, generate reports, pay bills, and track investments. On top of that, you can also connect to over 22,000 bank, investment, credit card, and bill pay accounts.

Moneydance also offers bank automation and scheduled transactions. You can schedule transactions in the same way you do with your bills.

One of the cool features of Moneydance is the ability to synchronize with your financial institutions. Moneydance updates your account information automatically. It even allows you to import your transactions from your bank, brokerage, or credit card accounts. Thus, there’s no need for you to log in to your account to update a transaction manually.

Moneydance also allows you to set reminders. Just provide details, dates, and frequency, and Moneydance will remind you when it is time to act.

You can receive alerts anytime you need to take action. Whether it is for paying bills on time, reviewing and editing accounts, or receiving bank notifications, Moneydance takes care of it all. Simply set the alerts for your account, and Moneydance will let you know when something changes

#9 QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is a popular software for small businesses. It has been around for decades and is engineered to help users with various accounting and financial duties.

However, recent developments have caused some users to consider QuickBooks alternatives. In this article, we will review the best QuickBooks alternatives on the market to help you make a smart decision.