How to Travel the World During Retirement

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Prioritize Your Destinations

Once you’ve got your budget, it’s time to consider possible destinations. Since you’ve got your entire retirement to look forward to, you can take your time and pick two or three destinations per year. This will allow you to plan the perfect vacation based on your trip and in comparison with your budget.

If you’re traveling for less than two weeks, then consider how many destinations you’re able to visit. A good number to shoot for is to visit 2-3 countries per destination. You can try to make the most of your time in the country by taking local buses or trains to have more time to explore the cities you’re in.

When looking at international destinations, consider the language barrier if you’re an older adult who can’t speak the local language. Many cities have local buses and train systems that you can utilize to get from one destination to another, but you may still want to have an affordable all-inclusive package to make your trip simpler. Many airlines offer inexpensive fare for people over 60 years old, while you can also find affordable hotels and apartments for rent.

As you’re looking at potential destinations, consider some factors to help narrow down your choices:

Follow What Interests You

To make sure retirement travel is exciting, you will want to plan places to go according to your interests. This is the easiest way to enjoy your travels and have the best time!

Unlike when you were young, you can visit places that may not offer the places you want, but still have a pleasant time. You are now able to do things you may not have done before. You are going to have a better time traveling if you do what is enjoyable at your age.

A great way to do this is by following an activity you always wanted to do, but never had the chance to. Maybe you want to join a specific tour group or travel in the off-season to avoid crowds or take a train vacation where you get to explore towns and cities.

If you want to do something athletic, you may want to include attractions that fit with this in your travels. Maybe you want to climb a mountain or play a few rounds of golf in the off-season. Checking into places that offer what you want to do should be your first priority.

Another great way to uncover what activities you find enjoyable is by going through your own photos. You may have snapped some pictures while you were traveling before with people you never met, but taking these pictures helps you discover your love for other activities. The places may change, but the activities should be present.

Travel on a Budget

Traveling on a budget has never been easier or more accessible for people. There are a number of people in retirement who are living it up on their vacation by using credit cards and other fees that can pile up. There are people who are spending all of their time building up companies and making themselves millionaires. But what about your retirement? Most people don’t even think about it and focus on making money or perfecting their career.

Traveling the world on a budget is an amazing way to spend your retirement and change your life. This is true no matter what shape your retirement is in.

What most people take for granted, you get to experience once you take a little vacation. You never truly appreciate the world around you until you leave it for awhile. This makes the process of building up your retirement more meaningful because you take the time to enjoy yourself.

You can more easily readjust to life at home, too, and live a more simple life. You’ve seen all of this amazing architecture and history that has shaped people and the world. All of this has surrounded you and affected you.

I think it’s important to leave yourself open to change, whether that’s traveling in retirement or something else. You will gain a new appreciation for the things you have and the people you love the most.

Factor in the Weather

Although you may not plan on traveling too far north or too far south, a serious consideration still needs to be given to the weather. And this reasoning isn’t solely related to your own comfort.

Temperatures play a huge role in the flora and fauna and even the geology of any given area. For example Africa is home to some of the most active volcanoes on the planet and most of them fall in proximity to the Equator. This is because volcanoes are caused by geological activity. And of course, this activity is precipitated by temperature.

When you live anywhere near a volatile geological area, you can expect to feel the effects. Earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis are all within a volcano’s power and they aren’t exclusive to the southern hemisphere. In fact, Mount St. Helens is a prime example of a volcano that caused wide-spread destruction on the American west coast. As you will see in the infographic below, volcanoes can live anywhere from the Canadian border to Spain.

If you are concerned about potential disasters in the actual location you choose, don’t shy away from the research. There is certainly a difference between being aware and being fearful. Being aware of potential risks will give you the chance to make the right choices where-ever you live.

Opt for Slow Travel

Slow travel isn’t just a romantic notion for the young. The slower and more thorough you travel, the more you learn about the world. And with the many simple pleasures of life that surround you, you’ll come to appreciate life just a little bit more.

Slow travel is an opportunity to become a better travel designer, a better traveler, a better tourist. When you’re slow, and you take your time, you figure things out. You become more aware. You get smarter about the world around you. In the process, you develop habits that allow you to live the rest of your life with more meaning, more motivation, and more freedom.

Slow travel will make you a better version of yourself. So go slow. Savor the details. Take your time.