How Can Betterment Grow Your Portfolio? A Q&A With CEO Jon Stein

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Jon is an authority on smarter personal finance, a subject about which he is an entertaining and engaging speaker.

As CEO and president and co-founder of Betterment, he leads one of the fastest-growing online investment management companies in the United States.

Betterment is at the forefront of the rapid growth of automated investment services, which make investing more accessible and affordable to a wider spectrum of savers.

Managed efficiently, robo-style investing is a fantastic way to reach your financial goals over time. But with more investment options than ever, the onslaught of information can be overwhelming for anyone, not just rookies to the market. Navigating the investment landscape is never simple, that’s why we’re thrilled to have Jon Stein expiring to help.

Jon Stein is an experienced investor, entrepreneur, and lecturer. He is a regular contributor to Forbes and a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder. Before launching Betterment, Jon was the founding CEO at Star Capital and an analyst at Morgan Stanley. While at Morgan Stanley, he was assigned to a portfolio that included Universal Studios, Mattel, and Polygram.

Prior to joining the world of finance, Jon taught mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania.

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