Five Truly Passive Income Sources You Can Practically Set and Forget

Daniel Penzing
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Invest in Dividend-Paying Stocks of Top Brand Companies

Not all the stocks listed by the stock exchange are real big names. While you have the Wall Street Journal reporting on the latest developments on famous, iconic firms, there are numerous other companies out there that never get mentioned. They have been around for years and are steadily growing, with no major ups or downs to report. They are the giants of the stock market that you have never heard of but that generate consistent, safe returns over time.

For a conservative investor, these stocks are rocket fuel. They don’t make you feel the need to check the value of your portfolio every day. You don’t get stressed out by the ups and downs of the stock market. You don’t have to worry about getting up at night to check your portfolio for an update.

Over time, these companies pay incredible dividends. When you invest in them, you’re essentially lending them your money to buy more things, and they’re paying you back the interest. What could be more profitable than that?

Direct Stock Plan

You can pick a stock of your choice and earn up to an 10% dividend, and have an option to purchase more stock with the dividends. The best part is that you have the option of purchasing more stock and determining at what pric