Top 7 Financial Magazines Smart Investors Should Read

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A publication from Dow Jones, Barron’s, is considered the best of its kind. It provides you with in-depth analysis of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The publication was launched in 1921 by Arthur Bernard, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Each week, Barron’s publishes five issues that are widely circulated to subscribers and are also sold at newsstands all across the country. It is a large magazine that covers all aspects of the stock market, and it is well respected in the financial world. The publication has a policy of impartiality that allows it to gain integrity and remain objective.

Barron’s covers all major companies and markets and also provides you with insight and guidance regarding shopping, investing, and retirement. It lets you know about new companies and helps you weigh the pros and cons of investment opportunities.

Barron’s has shown that it is committed to providing accurate and thorough information to investors. It not only updates its information, but it also has a service that allows you to access historical market data. Barron’s strengths are its in-depth coverage of market news, consumer-oriented stories, and its objective and impartial analysis. Its weaknesses include a less-than-compelling design and a relative lack of investigation of undervalued and overlooked stocks.

There are lots of personal finance magazines but this is the best magazine at the moment to help you gain financial knowledge. Apart from that, it will teach you how to invest your money without getting burned by the confusing world of securities, bonds, and derivatives.

Kiplinger offers sound financial help and solid investment advice for investors who are still coming to terms with the ups and downs of the stock market.

Kiplinger Personal Finance offers expert advice and useful tips on how to take care of your money. It also offers a lot of financial advice for your retirement savings and planning for your children.

Kiplinger offers a lot of financial advice for your retirement savings and planning for your children. It is one of the best s for anyone who is ready to take control of their financial future.

Kiplinger Personal Finance offers expert advice and useful tips on how to take care of your money. It also offers a lot of financial advice for your retirement savings and planning for your children.

If you are looking for advice and to learn more about saving money, investing, insurance, taxes, and more, then you should have a home subscription to Kiplinger Personal Finance.

The Economist

This publication was founded in 1843, and is published every 2 weeks. It’s objective is to provide analysis and opinion on worldwide political, business and economic issues. The Economist is a well respected source, and is said to be the best weekly business publication in the U.S. It’s also been called the world’s wisest magazine. The Economist claims to be available in every hotel room in the world, including Antarctica.

It’s published in London, but has editorial offices in America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It also has 3,400 international and national advertising pages every year, and it’s considered the world’s most trusted brand.


Whether you're seeking dividends or want broad exposure to the market, Kiplinger's Investing for Income can help.

This investment advisory features rankings of the best stocks, economic trends, and strategies to help you find guaranteed income yields.

They also provide advice on dividend-paying stocks and ETFs, and identify limited opportunities in master limited partnerships, REITs, and MLPs.

Their monthly publication makes a fascinating weekend read and gives you everything you need to know about energy, uranium, uranium exploration, and mining companies.

Investor's Business Daily

Created in 1984, the Investor's Business Daily serves its purpose to help investors make the right decision on long-term and short-term investments.

II Daily:

The reason why it's named the Investor's Business Daily is because it is designed not only for individual investors but also for majority of business professionals and investors. It reports the newest industries and their development, the most valuable stocks of the market, and business and finance news.

The good investment advice and tips given is geared towards everyone who's really an investor.

How to Make Money:

The II Daily offers advice on how you can make money in the stock market with numerous helpful tips. Their forecasts are straight forward, with no pages of jargon and there are well-researched articles on numerous topics.

II Daily Analysis:

Investor's Business Daily offers the most detailed company analysis for those who are interested in knowing further about a company.

II Daily Rating Is A

Common Sense:

This II Daily publication contains the smartest, most reliable, and most useful business news and financial news in the past decades. Because of the high demand of this publication, it's also the organization's best-selling publication.

Bloomberg Businessweek

In this age of information and technological advancement, the economic world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. The whole world is revolving around the money, so it is very important to understand every aspect of money.

Bloomberg Businessweek is an excellent magazine that offers information about the current financial situation in the world. It also keeps you updated about the innovations in the business world.

The magazine is also a great source of financial news reports, trends, strategies, and possibilities. It also has great forecasts and insights. You can get all the information from past five years. Moreover, you will also get the information about the past ten years from Bloomberg archives.


According to figures as of April 2005, Forbes magazine has an estimated circulation of 327,000. That figure is more than triple its circulation from just seven years ago. Forbes is another great resource for getting a more global perspective on investing in general and finding valuable news on the internet of investing in particular.

An advantage Forbes magazine has over many of its peers is that it makes extensive use of in-depth articles. The magazine not only covers the very latest news but also ventures into topics like principles and other more high-level questions. Forbes is a magazine that focuses on the big picture and gives the reader a great overview of the stock market and the financial world. If you are interested in investing and want to keep current with what is going on, Forbes is a good read, but the magazine might be better for reading once a week rather than daily.


Money magazine is one of the top rated magazines among investors. Now in its 44th year, the magazine is one of the oldest in the country.

Money provides a lot of tips for the long term investor. It also gives in depth analysis and spends a lot of time focusing on the future of the financial markets.

Money also prides itself on the fact that it doesn’t take any advertising from brokers or the finance companies.

So the magazine tries its best to keep both sides balanced. The magazine also helps readers learn how to protect against fraud and scams.

It also covers many other topics that are important to stock market investors. Some of them include:

  • Economic Analysis – Money magazine is one of the best for economic analysis. The magazine has its own opinions about where the economy is headed, and this information is conveyed through its pages. This information can be extremely useful to the long term investor.
  • Mutual Funds – Money magazine also has a great deal of information about mutual funds and tips that can help you make the most of your current mutual fund.