The Financial Disruptor – My Interview With Tony Robbins

Daniel Penzing
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The Interview

Tony Robbins is a well-known leadership and success coach who also teaches self-mastery and peak performance. He has become a household name and many of his books have been bestsellers. The three-hour Tony Robbins event I attended in early 2018 in Chicago sold out within 30 minutes and resulted in sold out events all across the USA.

Tony is not your typical successful person. This white-hot marketing genius has been worth over a billion dollars at one point. He's climbed to the top of the charts and crashed and burned more times than most people do in their lives. Tony has sold out football stadiums and lay on an airport runway for six hours to "Attract His Perfect Life". This man did and says whatever it takes to steal the show!

I had the pleasure of being a speaker with Tony at his recent event and he is one of the most humble, generous people I've ever met. Tony was up-front and honest and his business partners told me that he tells his audience he has made more mistakes that his audience has made in their entire lives. They also tell me that whenever a client of Tony's asks him a question, he tells them "I don't know" and will then spend half a day looking for an answer.

I know too many leaders that respond with a "I don't know" and everything that they do know is an answer, that is their answer. That is not leadership.

Additional Info

There are many people that look at the current system of making money and feel it is unfair, punitive, or otherwise horribly flawed.

If you’re one of them like I am, then you may want to consider alternative ways of making money, like selling information products.

As more and more people join the internet revolution, this business is becoming more and more popular.

Making money by selling information products is a popular option that people are moving towards to replace their day job.

And it’s a business that you can work on from home too. Not only that, but it’s proven to be very effective.

So in this interview, I sat down with the legendary Tony Robbins to get his insight on this topic.

Because Tony is an influential figure in the online business world, his opinion matters.