Does Net Worth Matter?

Daniel Penzing
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You have every right to be suspicious. All these business blogs that blather on about net worth fail to mention the one thing that will actually get you somewhere – WRITING A MOVE!

I’ve heard good writers speak about their finished product, but the bloggers who respect themselves only talk about the product itself: “Look at me, I sold a million copies!”

The thing they forget to tell you is that they sold a million copies because they wrote a masterpiece. There is no net worth statement that will tell you how to get there.

If you’re going to sell a million copies, you very likely write a great book, write a fast book, and then write many more great books. This is what the people who blather about net worth never talk about.

The only thing that will get you there is writing. And writing takes time, lots of time.

If you’re not going to write, then what you’ve got here is a website about net worth.