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In order to help everyone find the best robo advisor for them, we will give you a closer look at the key components of robo advisors, show you which robo advisors are available, and give you an infographic that provides an overview of the best robo advisors that are currently available.

So if you’ve heard of robo advisor services but don’t know what they are, this guide will tell you all about them, and if you’re interested in investing in one of them, then you’ll know which are the best robo advisors in 2022.

What is a Robo Advisor?

A robo advisor is a computer programme that provides you with a personalised financial plan, which can include investment advice, overall portfolio management, and even retirement planning. The robo advisors that we’ve listed below are used by both amateur investors and by professional advisors and mutual fund companies. They are also used by large asset managers and banks that offer these services for free to their own clients.

Some of the leading robo advisor services are offered by companies that have already become household names. For example, in the UK, popular robo advisor services like Nutmeg, Moneyfarm, and Scalable Capital are all owned by FTSE100 companies.

Best Robo-Advisors Comparison

Robo-advisors are more lucrative compared to traditional mutual fund managers, yielding an average profit of 1.59% annually. Out of this, portfolio risk is highly

Surprisingly with only 0.06% standard deviation. That means you are assured that your profits won't dip too much. It has currently been

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This may change by the time you've reached this section in the book. We recommend that you go to their website for the most current information.

What Is a Robo Advisor?

If you are a beginner who is about to invest in the stock market for the first time, you may be wondering which robo advisor is best for you. Robo advisors are getting increasingly popular among investors. However, they are not the only option for beginning investors. It is important to understand the different kinds of automated investment service providers before you decide on a robo advisor for your investments.

The term �??robo advisor’ has come into the limelight around two years ago. More and more financial organizations are launching robo advisors to serve a new generation that is comfortable in using technology rather than interacting directly with a person.

All the major investment companies, banks and fintech startups are now entering this space. You can choose a robo advisor or robo-advisory platform that offers a convenient “set and forget” approach to investing. It will forward your investments to a human manager or a team of financial advisors for expertise. The human experts take care of your investments and monitor the markets.

So what does a robo advisor do? A robo advisor allows you to invest your money for your future needs. Most robo advisors are aimed at retirement planning, so investors will need to keep that in mind. However, they can also be ideal for kids’ college funds.

What to Look for When Selecting a Robo Advisor?

Best Robo-Advisors

It is a fact that robots and artificial intelligence will become smarter and smarter in the coming years. With the advent of robo-advisors, you will never have to worry about handling your finances alone again. You will be able to delegate all of your financial issues to these robots and you will be able to transfer all your financial planning to these robots.

Almost every investor is worried about the future of artificial intelligence and the return on investment. However, Robo-Advisors have proved to be very beneficial for investors and importantly, it has helped the investors to get a return on their investment.

Their popularity has increased manifolds. They have become one of the most favourite options of the investors for the reason that it is a cost-effective, easy and most importantly, a digital way to manage your finances.

Robo-Advisors have access to a wide range of tools that help them in giving the best suiting advice to the investors.

As compared to the tools like Wealthfront or Betterment, Robo-Advisors are in the early stages but they are delivering some of the best returns of the industry.

Nowadays, you can find a staggering number of Robo-Advisors but the most efficient are the following.


Betterment is a robo advisor that offers you peace of mind and has an extensive and well diversified investment portfolio to meet your risk tolerance. Betterment has been tested and is becoming increasingly popular due to its investment management tools and sophisticated artificial intelligence to aid investment decisions for its users.

Betterment is a simple, stress-free digital solution to invest for your financial future. Betterment is good for users who are just starting out with their first investments as well as those who have a significant existing portfolio and are looking for a new way to invest.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a financial aggregation platform that combines your bank accounts, retirement funds, credit cards, insurance policies, real estate holdings, and even your social media accounts to give you an all-in-one view of your finances. They have partnered with companies like Vanguard, Betterment, and Schwab to analyze your data and provide personalized guidance. Personal Capital also offers a free Personal Capital account that allows you to track your various accounts. Beyond tracking, you will also be prompted to set goals or re-balance your portfolio when needed.


Easy to use … Personal Capital’s user interface is very user-friendly, whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device, and has great visual cues to help you stay on track. The platform also offers the option to send emails to your team or contacts for a broader view of your finances.

Great investment advice … The amount of data that Personal Capital has at its fingertips allows it to deliver great advice based on your specific financial goals. The accounts available to you will vary based on your location, but generally speaking, you should see at least a dozen different investment funds to choose from.

M1 Finance

The M1 Finance platform has won many raves from investors and advisors who love the ease of use, simplicity and the long list of features.

This is a financial investing platform that offers the best robo-advisor service.

M1 Finance is a free investing platform for your online portfolio. You can invest in your existing account at no cost or open a new account. They offer free investment accounts where you can invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, mutual funds and cryptocurrencies.

Whatever your strategy is, you can easily implement it on the M1 free investment account. You do not have to worry about fees for accounts, withdrawals or deposits. The platform is designed to make investing very easy and the user interface is intuitive so you can get started on your financial journey in minutes.

The M1 Finance platform manages investments from the beginning to the end. They have partnered with many top investment managers to bring the best investment products into the M1 platform. This allows investors to access normally expensive products with low management fees.

They have a very colorful and helpful library of investment lessons. These lessons are geared toward all investors and are an excellent addition to the novice investors’ or experienced investor’s virtual library.


Wealthfront is among the most customer-friendly robo advice services we have come across. Simultaneously, Wealthfront's investment offerings are thorough, going well beyond the typical investing choices. Wealthfront gives you complete control over your portfolio, by letting you determine the risk level.

Some of the advantages of wealthfront includes:

➢ Wealthfront is the most suitable option for investors that prefer to handle all of their investing activities online.

➢ The service offers investors a wide range of account types.

➢ Potential clients should note that the company's fees will vary depending upon your account size.


Ellevest is one of the best robo advisors, and is designed specifically for women. Ellevest allows women to invest their money in portfolios based on a number of factors such as age, income, and desired level of risk. Ellevest has the advantage of being designed exclusively for women – which allows them to take care of all of a woman’s financial needs in one place – allowing women to better reach their financial goals.


The all-in-one robo-advisor has been around since 2012 so is nothing new.

However, until recently, it was only available to those with employer-sponsored retirement plans. Now it offers plan design, record keeping and investment management.

Blooom will use 20% of the fees you pay for its services to directly invest in your robo-advisor account to provide you and your family with higher returns.

Blooom automatically rebalances for you and actively monitors your account in real time. You can even recommend the robo-advisor to friends and family for a small fee.

Blooom has a transparent fee structure, making it ideal for those seeking a robo-advisor.

Which Robo Advisor Is Best For You in 2022?

Are you looking into what robo advisers are all about? It’s an interesting time to be an investor. You have retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). You have investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. And now you have robo advisers to help you get more out of the game.

How Do We Rate Robo Advisors?

When Robo Advisors do well, we applaud them. And when they fail, we complain. And yet, like it or not, this is the reality with Robo-Advisors. After all, we need to gauge how well they are doing. And to do that, we need completive data on all of them.

So do we judge robo advisors on the number of clients they have, the number of assets under management or something else?

As a matter of fact, it is a combination of all three. While the number of Assets under management is a good indicator of the health of a robo advisor, we also need to factor in the number of clients they have. It is almost like a portfolio optimization problem, where we look at all the available metrics and try to find a balance between them. This helps us achieve a healthy and well-rounded perspective on robo advisors. By comparing two different robo advisors, you can then find out which one is better depending on your own goals.

Since it is about balancing between multiple metrics and judging them on their relative performance, I have developed a framework for ratnging robo advisors. And since you are smart investors, you would want to read on to check out the framework.

Is Robo Investing Right for You?

Robo advisors are becoming more and more popular over time, and will likely continue to dominate the robo investing industry in the near future. From both a regulatory and customer perspective, robo investing is becoming inevitable for financial and investment advisors.

To keep your clients happy and to keep up with the competition, it is time to embrace the robot.

Although robo investing will have a major impact on the industry, there are certain factors you will need to consider before moving forward with automation. Being aware of some of the pros and cons of robo investing will help you decide whether it is the right option for you and your clients.

If you’re a traditional financial advisor, you have probably never heard the term robo investing. However, if you are new to the industry, you’re probably wondering what it means. If that’s the case, the simple answer is that a robo advisor is an automated investing solution. Instead of using an investment advisor to manage a client’s money, some investors are using robo investing to do the job.

Which Kind of An Investor Are You?

For someone who has never invested before, all of the information surrounding investment can be overwhelming and confusing. I personally had an initial inclination to invest but wasn’t sure where to start. So, I turned to a low-cost robo-advisor to help me begin my adventure.

What the companies did for me was build an investment strategy based on my savings and overall financial picture, and then set up a customized plan, in which to invest. They had an easy step by step process and let me decide how I wanted to invest. So, I could start small and test the waters first, or dive in head first.

Not only that, but they also provided an easy way for me to track my investment progress online, and I was able to make small changes to the investment strategy whenever I wanted.

Aren't All Robo Advisors the Same?

They are all the same to an extent. They are automated software systems that use sophisticated algorithms to buy and sell stocks and other investments for you. This allows you to automate your trading and invest your money in the stock market. These algorithms are often based on the strategy of a human investor with decades of experience. Not only do robo advisors allow you to automate your investment strategy, but they also allow you to do so on a budget.

The market has changed in the past decade, and many investors have found the average age of the algorithms to be somewhat limiting. They have also found that the wealthy have access to things that the average investor doesn’t, such as direct access to stock trading options, making a robo advisor a bit less innovative than they might have once been. However, most robo advisors are getting more advanced, offering the opportunity for users to access more algorithms and features as their financial assets grow.

However, generally, all robo advisors are the same because they operate based on the same basic premise. They all offer the same services, but at a price point that is affordable to everyone.

Is the Technology New, and Can It Be Trusted?

Robo Advisors are online financial platforms, designed to automate your investment decisions. They use technology to streamline and personalise the trading process, allowing you to manage your money by yourself. The robo advisor concept may sound new, but it’s really not. The first automated stock trading system was developed back in the 1960s. While investment firms have used sophisticated software systems that are capable of making split second decisions for decades, the first Robotics Advisory Platform was created by Greygrid in 2002.

Since then, these platforms have rapidly evolved, and today, there are plenty of Robo Advisors to choose from. The two broadest categories are Robo Advisors and Micro-Advisors. In this post, we’re going to cover these Robo Advisors, and we’ll use the larger term, Robo Advisors. Robo Advisors are also typically referred to as investing Robots or Intelligent Portfolios, since they will either suggest trades that need to be made, or they will make the trades themselves.

These platforms will generally offer you some initial investment advice. Typically, the advice will include:

  • What you should hold
  • What you should trade
  • How much you should trade
  • How often you should review your portfolio

Can Robo Advisors Replace Traditional Advisors?

What is a Robo Advisor?

A Robo Advisor is a type of investment management software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically manage clients' financial portfolios. The portfolios are typically managed using popular trading algorithms such as momentum, mean-reversion, or value investing. Today, more and more investors (primarily millennials) are turning to Robo Advisors to help them make financial decisions.

Are Robo Advisors (Any Good)?

Robo Advisors are gaining popularity as a more cost effective and convenient alternative to traditional advisors, such as financial planners, stock brokers, and wealth managers. According to a recent report from Statista, over 2.3 million us were using a Robo Advisor in 2017… suggesting that they’re promising and here to stay.

However, many are still unsure of how effective they actually are and how much better they are than traditional financial advisors. That’s where this article comes in… Let’s find out if you should use a Robo Advisor or stick with a traditional advisor.

Bottom Line: Should You Choose to Invest With a Robo Advisor?

Robo-advisors are a relatively new thing, but they’re growing like wildfire. Robo-advisors are technology-driven online investment services that utilize algorithms based on complex data analysis to make decisions for investors. They claim to make investing easier, they’re hip and “cool,” and some are incredibly low cost.

They’ve become so popular that many traditional advisors are starting to embrace them and give them a try. As a long-time investor who has used robos, I’d like to take a look at whether they can live up to the hype.

One of the largest online investing firms, Betterment, made headlines a few years ago with a huge advertising campaign that specifically targeted the tech-savvy young investors. And why wouldn’t they? These are exactly the people who are most likely to go for the ease of doing everything online and so this could be a great way to get them invested.

Many robos work like a 401(k) set-up with a matching program. If you invest in them through your employer, you might be really lucky to have a really great investing plan.

Full Comparison of Robo Advisors Fees

Robo Advisors are increasingly playing an important role in investors’ portfolios. But deciding on the right Robo Adviser can be tricky. Which Robo Advisors are the best Robo Advisors for 2022 ? Which Robo Advisors in the UK should you choose?

There are a few factors to consider before deciding on which Robo Advisers are best for you like your investment goals, risk tolerance and the span of your investment horizon for instance. At Wise2u, we rank and review all the Robo Advisors currently on the market to make it easy for you to compare them based on the factors that are most important to you.

Each Robo Adviser has its strengths and weaknesses, and using a combination of Robo Advisors can help you diversify your portfolio. A common combination is using a Robo Adviser to make automated, asset allocation based investments and using another for setting up an emergency fund.

For the purpose of this post, we have focused on five of the most popular Robo Advisors all of which offer free services. This makes it easier to see where each Robo Adviser excels and provides a basis for making an informed decision. Also, all Robo Advisors are free to use up to a certain amount. If you need to invest more, some will charge you a higher management fee which is what we look at in this post.

So let’s take a look at our list of the top Robo Advisors.