Best Investing Podcasts for 2020

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Best Podcast for New Investors

Here’s my short list of best investing podcasts for 2020.

  1. Famous Investors: I know it’s not a podcast. And I know it’s not new. But when you’re new to investing, sometimes you need to hear from people you know and trust. Famous investors like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and Jim Cramer can all be found on this site. It’s perfect for stock pickers.
  2. My take on the World of Investing: Although I’m new at it and my podcast only goes as far back as 2017, it’s one of the best investing podcasts.

There’s plenty of investing information and from a wide variety of sources.

Motley Fool Money: Motley Fool money is just about the only investing podcast I listen to regularly.

Dan has a knack of interviewing people and actually asking them questions. It’s almost like he’s a proper interviewer and not a reporter who’s never met the person.

Best Podcast to Understand Fiscal Policy

Finances & The economy is the most important for any of us to understand. Its also the one thing in life I do not want to make a boo-boo about. That is why I like to have the basics covered. So I came up with a few suggestions for podcasts on economics and finances. These are mostly unbiased and target people who do not know much about the worlds economy. They also have a tendency to repeat themselves so if you are listening to them for the first time you will not get confused when they want to discuss a subject they have discussed before.

Best Podcast for Real Estate Investors

This podcast released by Josh Dorkin and Jason Hartman is produced by the J.L. Cooper company. The purpose of this podcast is to share the experiences of 3 different types of real estate investors, the different investor perspective, and how they all differ from each other. They also give out expert opinions, and they know what they are talking about. These experts are some of the world’s biggest names in the real estate domain. In most cases, these experts are actually the designers of huge estates that are worth millions and millions of dollars. They are the ones who have the knowledge and they are the ones who can be the best for the podcast. Whether it is the mix between investing in physical properties, the virtual properties, and the rental properties or it is simply how to make the podcast even better, the J.L. Cooper is always aiming high and aiming to please.

Best Podcast for DIY Investors

The DIY Investor is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in personal finances. While it covers investing and the stock market, it does so in an approachable and non-technical way. With a focus on all aspects of personal finance including budgeting, debt management, and retirement planning, The DIY Investor features some of the best financial enthusiasts from Canada.

Best Podcast for a 360 Investing Overview

The Investor Hour podcast hosted by Sven Henrichs and Dana Samuels offers investors a quick, actionable insight in to the money topics of the day that can help with investing, wealth and life. The podcast breaks down all the elements of the stock market in a refreshingly simple way that’s highly digestible and immediately applicable to your own money life. If you’re new to investing and need a regular dose of money knowledge to get yourself on the right track then look no further than The Investor Hour podcast.

Best Podcast to Learn From Overall

For Investing: The Investor´s Paradox

While this podcast will not only teach you about investing, it is full of amazing insights on life, that everyone should listen to. It is informative and interesting, as I explained in my review here:

In the Investor's Paradox podcast, travel hack, author and entrepreneur Tucker Max interviews investors, thought leaders and other icons in finance, and picks their brains to reveal their respective money philosophies and strategies for success.

This podcast is educational, high quality, entertaining and is what you want to listen to if you like to keep learning new money strategies and tactics. It also has the virtue of being completely accessible no matter your level of experience or knowledge. This is a world podcast, not just an American one.

The Final Word

Podcasts about investing are booming. Listening to these shows is the best way to stay informed about financial news, and with so many available, you’ll have no trouble finding the educational content that fits your personality and listening convenience.

But with so many podcasts to choose from, how do you know which ones to listen to? For some investors, more information is better, so they listen to as many as they can. For others, that strategy can make it harder to follow a given show, and the quality of the show suffers.

After you listen to a show for several episodes, you should have a good sense of the quality of the information, the tone of the show, and even the way the host sounds. If you can’t cue up or get through an episode without zoning out or skipping ahead, the show isn’t going to help you. You may also prefer some shows because the stories they cover are relevant to you, and you may form some kind of emotional connection to the hosts or their guests.