5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

“Father” is a special term that means a lot of things to our dads. From the guy who goes fishing every weekend to the one who handles all the household chores, here are our 5 unique Father’s Day gift ideas to surprise your dad.

Should I Rebalance My Portfolio?

Look at your portfolio. Is it performing the way you wanted it to? Were you paying attention in high school? The one skill almost every investor lacks is putting their portfolios back in balance.

Swaps and Other Derivatives: Valuable Tools or Instruments of the Devil?

This week there was a sudden spike in interest in “Swaps” and other Financial Derivatives. By way of background, Financial Derivatives are part of a great little thing called “The Global Financial Crisis” and, some would argue, the only reason that it hasn’t gotten significantly worse over the last two years. Since this is off-topic for The Simple Dollar, this week I’d instead like to delve into derivatives in general – why they’re so popular, why many people hate them, and what we as individuals need to know about them.

How to Transfer Your Savings Account

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your partner an inheritance? With our guide, you can do just that – leave them a tidy sum without one cent taken out in income tax.

7 Things to Look For in an Online Broker

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) is rampant in today’s market, saturating opinion pages, the media and online forums such as Reddit and 4Chan with inaccurate statements about the online brokerage industry. In this article, we’ll debunk seven of the most popular myths.