Are Personal Checks Still Necessary?

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What Are Checks and Where Do You Get Them?

The U.S. has an amazing checks system. People send them through the mail to pay bills, give donations to charities, send money to family, and even do online shopping. Then, if necessary, they can pay cash for something at the bank and deposit their checks digitally. Receiving checks is almost as popular as writing them. People love to receive checks and it’s not uncommon for them to get checks in the mail on a regular basis. In fact, according to the 2017 National Consumer Banking Survey, 50% of Americans who receive checks in the mail receive them once a month.

As banks and online merchants become more popular, personal checks are in high demand. If you have a check to pay a bill or make a donation, you know that the easier it is to send, the more likely you are to send it.

Does your mom need to write a check? Just shoot an email to your dad with the bill or donation. Does a family friend need to pay a bill for a relative? Just use the online bill payment tools they have on their website. As more and more services and organizations go digital, people have fewer opportunities to receive checks in the mail.

Because of this, checks are becoming increasingly obsolete. Many predict that checks as we know them will become completely extinct by 2030. It’s not difficult to understand why either.

When You Might Use a Personal Check

In today’s world of debit cards and electronic money transfers, we use checks less and less. However, there are many instances that you will still be required to write a check out on a personal check.

When you enroll in any type of financial retirement program such as a 401k or a 457 plan, you’re going to had to complete the enrollment process by writing out a check to the company that you are participating in. Some companies require this in order to secure your funds. If you’re not sure how much money you’re putting into your account, this is a common practice. This is also a great way to make sure that you have been correctly enrolled in your company’s retirement program.

If you’re purchasing a car or any other large item, you most likely will need to pay for it with a personal check. In this case, the business will want to see that you have the funds to pay for the items that you’ve invested in. A personal check shows them that you have the funds readily available in your checking account. This is a common practice when you’re purchasing a large item.

Are Personal Checks Secure?

For those of you who aren’t aware, there is another way to make a personal check besides a blank check. There is another check that is written into a check register like a checkbook, and it’s called a register check. Register checks are as secure as personal checks because it is all tied up with the checkbook register and your checkbook. Register checks can serve merchants in the exact same manner as personal checks.

Register Checks Are Similar to Personal Checks

Register checks are like an extension to your check book and an extension of your personal checks. Register checks can be used just like you would use a blank check. They can be used for grocery stores and gas stations and can be written to whoever you choose, whoever you need to pay for something. Register checks are in the same form as a blank check. They are a check that is in a check register. Register checks are restricted to what the check is for, but register checks still have a lot of versatility.

Bottom Line

Are personal checks necessary?

Personal checks are as useful as they are necessary.

Here are some reasons why.

Your finances are like a storefront. You need a way to accept payments and deliver the goods. Checks do that. They pay your bills online. They buy your groceries at the supermarket. They provide access to your money.

Like a storefront, people want to see into your financial life. You need a way to demonstrate to the world you know what you’re doing. The way to do that is proving that you can manage money well and responsibly.

A personal check is a form of proof of responsible management.

What should you do?

Go to the store.

Buy a book showing people how to do their finances well.

Update the book to show people how to do their finances well when handling personal checks.

Tell people the book tells them how to do their finances well when handling personal checks.

Discuss the book with others.

The world needs you to save it from financial troubles.

You have a duty to help.

The damage done by not using checks is simply too great.