Acorns vs. Stash – Which Is Better?

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So, who's better?

Acorns or Stash?

You might be wondering if there’s such a thing as too many stash jars. You may be feeling the pressure of filling up those jars to the brim. Sadly, this can make your stash feel overwhelming to the point where you just want to get rid of it all. Is there a smarter way to grab those jars before you start crafting? You bet. And this next technique will help ease the stash problems you may be having.

How to Avoid Stash Addiction

When you’re overwhelmed by stash, it’s much easier to grab one of those bags, dig in, and start DIY…ing than waste time actually thinking about what you’re going to make. That’s the perfect way to fill up all those stash jars. The problem is, that’s not how you’re going to build a stash that makes you happy.

Instead of adding yet another bag to stash, try the following:

About Acorns and Stash Invest

About Acorns

If you’re going to use Acorns in your diy projects, you’ll be happy to know that they are the most widely available roasting acorns. They’re also relatively cheap. Many acorn products are only available online, so you may have to do some searching to find them.

A word of warning – some people may experience some gastrointestinal distress when eating Acorns (possibly due to their high tannin content). This is something to keep in mind if you’re planning to incorporate acorns into any of your diy projects.

About Stash Invest

If you’d like people to think you’re “acorn keen” on the market, it’s a good idea to say you choose an “all-weather investment strategy.” This is what Stash calls its basics and beyond approach to investing.

Stash gives you tools to plan, save, invest, and share with a community who is as enthusiastic about the markets as you are. To access its product, you have two options: The savings option lets you open an investment account online. You set your account up by selecting your risk profile and the amount you wish to set aside each pay period. The investing option lets you invest in a diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs. Stash will manage everything for you. You never need to worry about changing investment options. Each account is registered with the SEC as a robo-advisor, so your assets are protected.

Features Both Acorns and Stash Offer

Acorns and Stash both offer a range of secure online wallets for storing and transacting Bitcoin. Weighing in at the lower end of pricing, their services make the process of setting up wallets and sending bitcoins a very straight-forward and intuitive one – and one that can be mastered by even the most rookie of Bitcoin users.

Both Acorns and Stash are part of the growing Bitcoin market, which has been growing steadily in the past year; so it’s no surprise that both companies provide straightforward Bitcoin storage services.

Another similarity is that with both Acorns and Stash, the customer is in control of their private keys. Both companies say they do not keep records of the keys and do not have access to the funds stored on their servers.

Stash and Acorns are just as straightforward in their respective online and user interface designs. Acorns is simple in design, with the navigation menu on the left side and a dashboard on the right side that shows the customers current balances and activity. On the top, side navigation is provided that allows clients to change accounts, withdraw funds, and check past transactions.

Other features that Acorns users love is their ability to round up all transactions to the next dollar amount and invest the amount in its online E*Trade-affiliated brokerage account. This makes it a convenient way to save money for later.

Features Unique to Acorns

Acorns are “Italian-style” cigarettes that are a bit pricier than your average red hot. The brand name is the same across different strains, so they’re actually sold by the “strain.” The varieties range from mellow earthy tastes to powerful fruity flavors (citrus, strawberry, cherry). If you’re a light smoker, Acorns are probably good for you. However, they’re not for the novice, because of their potency.

They’re cigarette size, about 50mm, which means their filters are bigger. Not everyone likes to smoke filters, but if you do, you’ll love these. Other “stash” brands use filters that are up to 100mm in diameter, which are wider than the cigarettes themselves. That makes some stashes ineffective, because you can’t fit a filter that large in a cigarette. With Acorns, the filter is only 3mm wider than the cigarette.

Features Unique to Stash

There are features in Stash that distinguish it from Acorns. These include:

6-14 Days of Spending Budgeting: A very important feature that we don’t see in Acorns. This feature enables you to study your spendings and spending patterns over a longer period. There are two advantages to this—

  • First, this feature enables you to see how your spending patterns evolve.
  • Second, if you are able to reduce your spending by a major amount then you are able to spread it and make it last for up to 14 days.

DIY Acorns: This is a feature that allows you to invest in suitable ETFs manually.

Lending: Stash offers a feature that allows you to lend money to people who are looking for loans with a good credit history.


Acorns vs. Stash

We’ve been seeing a bunch of articles about millennials have “no retirement planning”, so this was an interesting comparison about retirement portfolios to keep in mind.

What do you think of the Acorns vs. Stash difference?

Are you with Acorns or Stash?

You can check out the article HERE, which goes into more detail.


Vs. Stash – which is better?

Acorns Vs. Stash Gold—What’s The Difference?

The differences between Acorns vs. Stash are the small size (3x3mm) and big size (5x5mm) – Micro vs. Original.

These differences allow new and experienced smokers to ease into the product which allows consumers to have an easier and more enjoyable smoking experience.

— How strong are Acorns vs.Stash?

All of our products are THC 99% and lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and potency. Each box contains 1 Acorn or 1 Stash Gold of that weight, meaning you know exactly what you’re smoking. There’s no guessing when it comes to potency.

— What does Acorns or Stash taste like?

Acorns will have a sweetness and slight cupcake smell. Stash have a grass-like smell with a sweet and fruity taste.

— How do I consume Acorns and Stash?

Roll — Roll a small — amount inside a joint, cigar, blunt or spliff.

Stash Invest

Ing vs. Acorns Investing

More than ever, people want to understand financial markets, you need to start by learning about investing, trading, and cash flow.

Ultimately, you need to know more about your options – this means learning about how investing, trading, and cash flow work, and it also means getting updated on the latest trends and methods that are available to you.

First, let’s talk about Stash Investing vs Acorns Investing.

Annual Fees

Vs. Landing Fees – Which Is Right for Me?


One of the advantages of stashes is that they are an easy access to your bit of weed. You can grab it, take out your keys, and go!

The problem is that many people take this for granted. They’ll store their stash in the same place for a really long time, then, when they finally figure out that the weed’s quite bad, it’ll be too late. Why? Because the longer your weed’s boxed, the worse its taste is. The odor leaks out, and its potency goes down.

Acorns on the other hand can withstand a lot of time in storage because they’re harder to open. That’s the idea, after all. You don’t want an awful stoner getting to your stash so easily. That means you’re going to have a little more trouble getting to your stash than other folks. But, because of that, you’re less likely to end up with weed that’s fallen victim to its own potency.

Minimum Deposit

Since Acorns was founded back in 2012, they have made a name for themselves as an investing app that takes the hassle out of investing. It’s easy to start investing with Acorns, and you only need to put in a very small amount of money – though it’s not technically free to get started, because it still requires a minimum deposit.

First, you have to choose how you want to invest. The Acorns app gives you four options: Core, Wealth, Smart and Go.

The Core service is a great way to plan for short-term goals. When you choose Core, you will be given a manually managed portfolio that is based on 20% stocks and 80% bonds. The goal is that, over time, you will see a steady growth. In order to keep your portfolio in balance with your goals, Acorns will automatically adjust your portfolio as needed.

The next option is Wealth. This service offers support for your long-term financial goals. Rather than adjusting your portfolio manually, the Acorns algorithm will help you maintain a portfolio that is balanced with long-term goals in mind.

With the Smart service, you not only have the option to invest, you can also predict how certain stocks will perform before you invest in them. The Acorns algorithm will help you determine which stocks will likely be great investments.

Which Is Better?

Acorns or Stash?

Acorns vs. Stash – Which Is Better?

I’ve been an avid birdwatcher all my life and have made my own feeders and food to attract the birds. I’ve also had squirrels in my feeders and don’t mind them taking the food out of the bird feeders as long as they’re not destroying the feeders to get to the food.

When I feed the birds, I prefer the acorn type food for them. The squirrels enjoy the stash food.

The question I am asked often is what is the better food for the birds is … or should I use acorn or stash?

Which Is Better? Acorns or Stash?

Which is better for the birds? I don’t really think that one is better than the other. They are just different.


Acorns are “hard work” to the birds. In order for them to open the hard shell, they need to work at it. In the wild, these are the nuts that no animal wants to crack open, so the birds need to do it themselves to get to the tasty inner meat.